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About Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd Hammer, 22 years old, is a three-time published author, dancer, speaker, model, and disability advocate.

*Note: Sarah Todd goes by "Sarah Todd" as a double name; "Hammer" is her last name.*

When Sarah Todd was eight years old, she developed an excruciating head and neck ache during ballet class. Upon deciding to go home early from class, her arms and hands fell limp at her sides, paralyzed. In a matter of hours, Sarah Todd became paralyzed from the neck down. She has since been diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a neuro-immunological disorder caused by a viral attack on the spinal cord. She has regained the ability to walk, but she has partial paralysis in her arms and hands.

Sarah Todd views her disability as an integral part of her identity. 

  • Author: Sarah Todd wrote and published her first memoir about her disability journey at 11 years old. The subsequent books in the series were published when she was 14 and 17. She is currently writing her fourth book, an educational disability justice manifesto. 

  • Content Creator: With a following of over 160,000 people on social media, Sarah Todd shares her life as a disabled individual, emphasizing that disabled people lead happy lives. Her Instagram reels have reached over 30m+ views collectively.

  • Model: In 2019, Sarah Todd modeled Kohl's Adaptive in New York Fashion Week. She has also modeled Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive in a virtual adaptive fashion show and been featured in Zappos Adaptive modeling campaigns.

In 2014, Sarah Todd met One Direction, where she gave Harry Styles her first memoir. In 2023, Sarah Todd recorded a podcast with Harry Styles' sister, Gemma Styles, on eco-ableism. She has been featured in national media, including People Magazine and ABC Nightline. Sarah Todd graduated in May 2024 from Davidson College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Communication Studies.

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