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Consulting Services

If you would like personalized support and guidance on an individual basis or for your company outside of the content Sarah Todd has shared in her books, on social media, on podcasts, or in other media, you can book a consulting session.

Some questions Sarah Todd has been asked include:

  • How can I build my presence on social media?

  • How can I make my social media content accessible?

  • How can I design my product(s) to meet the needs of the disability community?

  • How can I discuss my disability on my college applications?

  • How can I navigate college life as a disabled student?

  • How can I create an authentic disabled character in my book?

Sarah Todd holding a sign that reads "This is Disabled joy!" and smiling.

To submit a consulting request, email with the subject line "Consulting Request."

Sarah Todd charges a rate of $100 for a 30-minute Zoom consultation.

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