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Sarah Todd Hammer, 19

As a child, Sarah Todd Hammer fell in love with dance. When she was 8-years old, she was left a quadripalegic due to a disorder known as Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM). Now at age 19, she has recovered the ability to walk, though still has partial paralysis in her shoulders, arms, and right hand, and complete paralysis in her left hand. But Sarah Todd still loves to dance.

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Girls' Life Magazine

7 things not to say to disabled people (and what to say instead)

Sarah Todd Hammer is a GL reader and disability advocate who dedicates her time to educating and raising awareness about the disabled community. Here, she writes about common phrases she hears as a disabled person, and why it's important for able-bodied people to avoid using them.

ABC Nightline feature 

AFM virtual symposium

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ABC Nightline Feature

Kids with AFM explore treatment options as public health professionals brace for next outbreak

Sarah Todd Hammer, 18, is one patient who’d developed AFM early on, in 2010. She said doctors didn’t seem to have answers at the time and that "no one really knew how to treat me." 

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Don't Hide It Flaunt It

Why I Smile

Every day I walk into school with my hair in a bun or two braids, my scar from spinal fusion surgery on display...

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Girls' Life Magazine

11 Things I Want You to Know About Living with a Disability

Check out Sarah Todd's double-page spread in the Feb/March 2019 issue of Girls' Life Magazine!

Love What Matters

‘When I reached down to pull up my tights, I realized my arms and hands were paralyzed. Scared, I said, ‘Mom, I can’t move my arms.’ 

I’d tried to sit up at least five times. I was an eight-year-old dancer and suddenly I couldn’t sit up...

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Seventeen Magazine

12 Things I Wish People Knew About Having a Physical Disability

When I was eight years old, I was in the middle of ballet class when an excruciating headache came...

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Rockettes' Dancer of the Week

Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: 15-Year-Old Girl Dancing After Overcoming Paralyzation

Why we chose her: Sarah Todd Hammer started dancing when she was just 3 years old. At the...

Nia's Role Model of the Week

Nia Sioux's Role Model of the Week

Say hello to today’s #RoleModelMonday @sarahtoddhammer! Sarah is a dancer who became paralyzed...

Potential Magazine

With a Good Attitude, 'Anything Is Possible'

As our plane landed in Baltimore on Oct. 17, 2014, I couldn’t have been more excited. I reminded my mom that on the same day four...

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Transverse Myelitis Association

Mylife. my hope. Sarah Todd Hammer

With my hair in a braid, a smile on my face, and the dance in my heart and mind, I flew across the stage, savoring the...

Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Kid! of the Month – Sarah Todd Hammer – April 2016

Sarah Todd Hammer started dancing when she was three. She was paralyzed from neck-down when she was eight...

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Patient Spotlight: Meet Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd Hammer has always approached life with enthusiasm and a positive spirit, even after...

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How to Deal with Transverse Myelitis

These tips on how to deal with Transverse Myelitis are from a young girl. Sarah Todd was suddenly afflicted with the...

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A Continuum of Care

A Continuum of Care

Shortly into ballet practice one day Sarah Todd Hammer developed a painful headache, so her mom, Lisa, decided to take her home...